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About my work

Fused Glass

Glass fusing is the technique of cutting, layering, melting and moulding pieces of different coloured glass together in a kiln. After I cut the glasses, I compose the pieces in layers and melt them together in a kiln to create the final pieces.  Crushed glass, fired-on paint and copper foil inclusions are sometimes incorporated for different visual effects in my work.


About Maureen

Maureen enjoys producing vessels, window and wall panels as well as freestanding art for interior and exterior spaces. Sometimes, the glass art is to display in windows while other pieces are mounted on driftwood, stainless steel or in frames.
Having grown up in Northern Ontario on Trout Lake with a forest behind her house, her love of the outdoors grew tremendously. Throughout her life, Maureen has always been captivated by water, rocks and trees.

Her happy place as a young girl was sitting on a rock by the water’s edge.

Since her teenage years, Maureen has escaped to the outdoors to pursue water or snow activities. Outside, is where she always feels an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility.


Out of necessity, after lingering post-concussion symptoms sidelined her career, Maureen found alternate ways to heal. Glass found her. It is a quiet activity that brings Maureen immense joy and that she can tolerate and manage depending on fluctuating stamina. 

As Maureen evolves as an artist, she is drawn to observe how water, sky and glass share similar qualities.  In glass she is attracted to tints of blues and soft greens that emulate the colour of water. She often incorporates driftwood or other elements found in nature in her pieces. believes that having art in the world and in your home adds beauty to everyday living. She thoroughly believes that art should not be seen as too precious to use everyday.  Life should be celebrated and art is the perfect way to do it.